Let’s talk about chasers!

One touchy subject when it comes to dating and meeting people in the trans world is individuals generally referred to as “chasers”. A chaser is someone that has a special relationship with trans people : they’re sexually attracted to them specifically (and sometimes exclusively), they are fascinated by them, or they have a weird fetish about them. This last one is probably either a cause or a result of the so called “shemale” or “tranny” porn that can be found on the Internet. Where the fascination lies in a “chick with a dick” is a mystery to me, my main theory being that it may be a hidden gay tendency in men or heterosexual tendency in those who proclaim to be lesbians.

I’ve had both sexes come after me for being trans, in one occasion letting myself be swooned because I wanted to experiment with a man. In talking with new people I’ve realized that I can spot the chasers because they will steer the conversation into subjects where I could either come out or lie to their face, things like kids, previous relationships or even periods.

What saddens me here is that I simply don’t want to be the target of a fantasy or a fetish and I’m not there to help someone figure out their sexuality, hidden or otherwise. I don’t want to be with someone, romantically or sexually, because of who and what I am. I want to be seen, accepted, taken as a woman and a person, simply. I want the fact that I’m trans to be a side note, on the same level that I’m a gamer or my hair is brown.

Maybe I’m delusional in this, and it’s a pipe dream until I at least get my surgery. But I really hope that when I’m ready to date again, I’ll find someone that just accepts me. ME, not my status.

What do you guys think about being the “target” of a chaser? Would that be flattering or disgusting?

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