It’s about the little things…

I know I haven’t posted in a while. There’s been a lot happening in my life, a lot of drama, but it wasn’t directly related to my transition, and I’m trying to keep these two worlds apart except in general terms. I guess now things have become somewhat more stable, and I feel that I should get back to expressing myself here.

It’s been a little over 13 months since I took the leap and did my official coming out to the world – for me, that was coming out at work, to a bunch of semi-strangers that I simply couldn’t address individually. It’s also been over 2 years that I’ve realized I was a woman and begun my journey.┬áDuring those two years there have been a number of big events that showed me how people react to transition, how I react to it, how society looks at me in this new skin of mine. But it’s the small things that really get to me.

Small things like walking with my daughter in her stroller, going to the park, and being stopped by a nice lady who speaks to her, and refers to me as “your mommy”. Things like going apartment hunting and, after saying I was selling my house, being asked if “he” (my ex) would be keeping the house. Like selling a TV storage unit through Kijiji and at no point in time being misgendered by this guy who spoke to me on the phone and then was super apologetic because I had to help him lug the 50-pound monstrosity to his van.

I mean, of course the big things matter. Coming out to my sister was one of the most intense emotional moments of my life, and so was telling my mother. Losing my dad to this transition was a saddening moment too. But the small details, those matter too.